Elaine R. Fleming, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Certified Jungian Psychotherapist

116 S York Road, Suite 201
Elmhurst, IL 60126

I follow a general plan for helping clients begin therapy in a clear and comfortable way.
An example of the way you would begin the process:

You will probably contact me by phone, sometimes by leaving a message with your name and phone number and then I return the call usually within 24 hours.

The phone conversation usually is brief, I ask you how you heard about me, what the issue is that you need help with, where you live, who else in the family might need to be part of the therapy. If I don’t think I can help you with your situation, I will help you find other resources that might be better for you. I am part of a large network of healers in the area and if more help is needed, I will help you find other therapists and practitioners. My clients have been referred for psychiatric consultation for medication, physical therapy, acupuncture, healing touch, and couples therapy to name a few.

Next, we will decide on an appointment time and day.  An appointment can usually be made within the same week as the initial phone call. I’ll give you directions to my office.
I tell you what my fee is and ask you if you will be paying for the session yourself or if you will use insurance.

During the first session I gather some information by asking you questions about your life situation such as whether you have seen a therapist before, where you work, how long you have been married, or who else lives with you in your home. This sharing of the facts about your life takes only a portion of the first session.  Then we talk over more about what brought you to seek my help. Common problems that bring people to my office include relationship problems, anxious or depressed feelings that limit enjoyment in life, problems with a boss or co-worker, desire for a career change, behavior problems or school problems that your child might have.

After spending a few sessions at the start exploring your issue together and where it may have come from, I will begin to make suggestions about changes that could help you. I might suggest reading about how others have solved a similar problem, learning relaxation practices to reduce stress, making a food journal or exercise plan, role playing ways to speak to a boss or spouse. I share my experience with others I have helped and how they solved problems similar to yours.

You might be wondering how many sessions and how frequently you would come to solve the issues that you came to me about.  This does depend on several factors.  How severe is the problem and how much discomfort you are feeling about it? What are your work or home obligations that might determine how often we can meet?   Most sessions are an hour in length, but I often see someone for an hour and a half.  Most people choose to come in once a week at the same time each week, but some people want to come every other week or once a month. I try to work out what is best for you and your situation.